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Frame Fighters! In this game you send bullets at your opponent's Heart with different attacks while avoiding you're opponent's attacks.


  • Selection Screen
P1 KeyP2 KeyKey Use in Game
WIMove Selector Upward
AJMove Selector to the Left
SKMove Selector Downward
DLMove Selector to the Right
QUToggle Selected Enable/Disable
SpaceSpaceBegin the game (only once both players have selected with Q/U)
  • Battle

There two states for a Heart in the game:

Movement State and Tactical State

Movement State is Default state when not attacking.
Tactical State is the State use when aiming/placing attacks.

P1 KeyP2 KeyMovement State UseTactical State Use
WIMove Heart UpMove Attack Object Up*
AJMove Heart LeftMove Attack Object Left*
SKMove Heart DownMove Attack Object Down*
DLMove Heart RightMove Attack Object Right*
QUSelect Prev AttackRotate Attack Object Leftward*
EOSelect Next AttackRotate Attack Object Rightward*
CNif Stamina is enough ,go to Tactical StateFinalize and Perform Attack; Return to Movement State
SpaceSpaceWhen battle is over, go to menuWhen battle is over, go to menu

* When applicable for attack

Updated 24 days ago
Tags2D, Bullet Hell, Multiplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes


Frame Fighters v.1.0 .zip 17 MB
Frame Fighters v.1.1.zip 19 MB

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